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Survey on Armenia-Turkey Relations: Database Available

The Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC)-Armenia has released the outputs of the Public Opinion Poll on the Ways for Normalization of Armenian-Turkish Relations.

The researchers are invited to download and explore the questionnaire and the database (in SPSS format) freely available at the CRRC-Armenia website.

The nation-wide survey was implemented with a sample of 1,200 households. It reveals respondents’ perceptions and attitudes towards the official politics, concerning the opening of the land border and normalization of relations, among other issues. In particular, the survey has revealed that each second respondent (51%) fully or rather approves opening the border between Armenia and Turkey, while each third (33%) is absolutely or rather against it.

The survey objectives are a) to measure the overall awareness of Armenian-Turkish relations, attitudes towards Turkey and Armenia-Turkey rapprochement; b) to identify and discuss the possible ways and incentives for the normalization, and c) to develop and promote policy recommendations in support of the normalization process.

The overarching goal of the research project “Towards A Shared Vision of Normalization of Armenia-Turkey Relations” is to promote civil society efforts towards the normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia and towards an open people-to-people dialogue by enhancing contacts, expanding economic and business links, promoting cultural and educational activities and facilitating access to balanced information in both societies. This activity takes place within the framework of the Support to the Armenia-Normalization Process program, funded by the European Union.

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