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CRRC’s 4th Methodological Conference

Research for Development in the South Caucasus: Discussing Methodological Innovations 

CRRC’s 4th  Methodological Conference 

Tbilisi, June 24-25, 2016 

About the Organizers: The Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC) is a network of 
research and research support centers in the capital cities of Armenia, Azerbaijan and 
Georgia. Established in 2003, CRRC’s goal is to strengthen social science research and public 
policy analysis in the South Caucasus. Over the past thirteen years, CRRC has become a 
nexus of activity for the social science community in the South Caucasus by providing open 
access to data, scholarly literature, and professional training for social science researchers. 
For more information about CRRC, please visit: 
About the Conference: This conference aims to discuss methodological approaches to 
studying recent political, economic and social trends in the South Caucasus, specifically 
focusing on innovative practices of empirical social research. It will bring together local and 
international participants that are committed to advancing social research practice across 
the South Caucasus. It will be a relatively small conference focused on constructive how-to 

Possible Topics: We invite papers that explore a number of topics related to recent 
developments in the region and focus primarily on innovative methodological approaches to 
study them empirically using a wide range of methods: case studies, ethnographies, 
experimental surveys, as well as comparative research projects. Possible topics include, but 
are not limited to: Policy analysis, Migration, Employment, Social stratification, Youth, 
Education, Gender, and Identity. 

Submission: Applicants are required to submit an abstract online via the abstract 
submission form
 by February 29, 2016. Abstracts should be a maximum of 500 words long, 
and should include the following: 

• Title of the paper;  
• Three to five keywords; 
• Main author's name, title, affiliation, address, telephone, and email address;  
• Co-authors’ names and affiliations, if applicable. 

Important dates: 

Submission of abstracts – March 13, 2016  (extended)
Notification of pre-acceptance – March 11, 2016 
Submission of full papers – April 30, 2016 
Notification of final acceptance – May 20, 2016

Language of the conference – English 

Financial Support: CRRC will provide 2 nights of lodging for the participants not based in 
Tbilisi, and lunch and dinner at the conference venue to all participants. Group 
transportation by road will be provided for all participants from Armenia and Azerbaijan. 
The cost of airfare for participants from Armenia and Azerbaijan will not be covered. Please 
note that CRRC offers a limited number of scholarships covering travel and accommodation 
expenses to support international postgraduate students and early career researchers who 
are in need of financial support in order to attend the conference. Scholarships will be 
granted based on the quality of submitted papers. Meanwhile, CRRC encourages scholars 
residing outside the South Caucasus to search for travel grants from other sources.

Workshops: The conference will be accompanied by workshops discussing innovative 
methods of policy-oriented applied social science research. We also welcome proposals for 
workshops concerning estimation techniques, measures, samples, data, comparisons, etc. to 
show the usefulness of the applied social science methods for answering substantive 
development questions. If you would like to submit a topic for a workshop, please send your 
CV and brief description of the workshop to: by March 11. 
If you have any further questions concerning the submissions of abstracts, please contact 
Address: CRRC-Georgia, 5 Chkhikvadze street (Former 5 Chavchavadze street), 0179, Tbilisi, 
Tel: (995 32) 250 52 90, ext. 105 

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