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CRRC organizes training courses, seminars and lectures on a variety of social science topics, attracting both local and foreign experts as speakers or trainers, locally and regionally.

Methodological trainings and lectures

The CRRC methodological trainings focus on modernizing the skill sets of local researchers and providing hands-on opportunities in using relevant statistical software packages. These programs help strengthen research production and promote direct examination of what is really happening in today’s economic and social transformation in the South Caucasus.

Orientation trainings

CRRC also conducts basic orientation trainings to explore the range of research resource materials provided by the Center and introduce effective methods of their use.

Conferences and roundtables

CRRC draws researchers, public administrators, and other policy practitioners from all three South Caucasus countries to discuss and debate on key public policy issues in the region and cross-border trends in policy formation, encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue among researchers and practitioners. The center provides information and educational assistance to emerging public policy institutes, and providing a variety of networking opportunities for researchers and policy practitioners.

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