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Alternative Resources in Media 2011 and 2013

Project Title:

 Alternative Media Resources 2011 and 2013






 February 2011 - June 2011, April 2013- July 2013

Project Objectives

To enhance access to pluralistic and unbiased information in Armenia through traditional and alternative media, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, in cooperation with Internews Media Support NGO (Armenia) and Yerevan Press Club, implemented two surveys in 2011 and 2013 called “Alternative Resources in Media”. The aim of the surveys was to identify media preferences of the Armenian public, their expectations from media content, their perceptions of freedom of media, censorship their trust in the media. In particular, the two surveys present an opportunity to:

·         assess channels of production and dissemination of alternative content through multiple high- and low-tech platforms

·         gauge the consumer demand for new and information at local and regional levels, including media literacy, critical analytical skills, basic knowledge of the latest web and mobile-based media applications

·         measure the public advocacy by NGO’s, think tanks and the international community of specific issues of concern and of independent media’s development value

Research design

In 2011, CRRC-Armenia conducted a nation-wide representative survey of 1421 respondents (16 years and older). In addition to the quantitative part of the research, in-depth interviews were done among 33 media experts and 8 focus-group discussions were held among representatives of the general population.

In 2013, only a nation-wide representative survey of about 1500 respondents was conducted, with no in-depth interviews or focus group. 


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