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Normalization of Armenia-Turkey Relations

Project Title: 

Towards a Shared Vision of Normalization of Armenia-Turkey Relations




EU trough Eurasia Partnership Foundation in Armenia


November 3, 2014 – April 30, 2015

The program Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process is being implemented by a Consortium of eight civil society organisations from Armenia and Turkey, funded by the European Union. The programme aims to promote civil society efforts towards the normalisation of relations between Turkey and Armenia and towards an open border by enhancing people-to-people contacts, expanding economic and business links, promoting cultural and educational activities and facilitating access to balanced information in both societies.

Project Objectives

The specific objectives of the survey carried out by CRRC-Armenia within this project are:

  • to measure the public's views regarding the normalization of the Turkish-Armenian rela-tions via conducting a public opinion survey in Armenia
  • to identify and discuss the possible ways and incentives for the normalization and
  • to develop and promote policy recommendations in support of the normalization process.

The survey will reveal respondents’ perceptions and attitudes towards the official politics, particularly concerning the preconditions of opening of the land border and normalization of relations

Research design:

Following a desk study, a standardized face-to-face interview questionnaire of 51 questions was developed and a nation-wide survey conducted among the general population (1,164 respondents). The survey was carried out in 54 administrative territorial units covering all marzes (regions) of Armenia, including Yerevan, 19 other urban areas and 34 villages.



  • A database resulted from the nationwide household survey conducted in Armenia
  • The project report will be published and disseminated in Armenia and in Turkey among decision makers, public officials, civil society and media, and other stakeholders
  • One press conference followed by a discussion session will be organized by CRRC-Armenia on 21 April 2015 in Yerevan and another will be held by TESEV in Istanbul on 12 May 2015





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