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Social attitudes towards LGBTI people in Armenia

Project Title:           Social Attitudes towards LGBTI people in Armenia 
Country:                  Armenia 
Funder:                   Heinrich Böll  Foundation
Dates:                     September 2015-January 2016

Project description

The research aims at measuring and assessing social attitudes towards LGBTI people in Armenia so that to elaborate recommendations and specific strategy for overcoming homophobia. 

Project objectives:

·         Assessment of how much the society is informed about the situation of LGBTI people in the country and on human rights of LGBTI.

·         Measuring the impact of social, cultural, behavioral and religious factors on people’s perception toward LGBTI people and human rights of LGBTI people.

·         Elaboration of recommendations of overcoming homophobia/transphobia. 

Research Design 

The study will be based on data to be collected through a country wide survey among 1000 respondents aged 18-65. The questionnaire to be employed is provided by Women's Initiatives Supporting Group;  it will be adjusted and preliminarily tested in several randomly selected localities, including the capital city. The multistage cluster random sampling of households will be representative for the entire target population, with a marginal sampling error of +/- 2.5%). Selection of the respondents for face-to-face interviews will be based on upcoming birthday method. 


    Electronic database in SPSS format

    Analytical Report

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