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The CRRC IT labs provide free access to Internet, major on-line journals in social sciences, on-line databases related to the fields of social sciences in the South Caucasus region, and international data sources. The IT labs are free of charge and open to researchers, academics, lecturers and students for scientific or research purposes.


The primary role of the IT labs is to serve researchers in the field of social sciences from academic, non-governmental organizations, private and public sectors. Their objective is to help provide access to the most up-to-date research resources to its users. Apart from the various on-line resources made available, they aim to offer orientation trainings in order to introduce available online resources and provide a user-friendly environment.

Software collection development guide

The IT labs are equipped with software to help CRRC users/researchers conduct quality research. The software is available at the centers.

The upgrade and development of the computer lab facilities is conducted upon relevant demand.

Basic licensed software applications (such as Windows 2K/XP Pro, Microsoft Server 2000/2003, ISA Server (proxy), Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, SPSS, STATA) are or will be available on the CRRC computers.

Software selection criteria

In coordination with the Center Directors, the IT Managers/Librarians are responsible for the selection of software applications.

The IT Managers/Librarians may take into consideration any suggestion made from members of the CRRC Advisory Committee as well as from IT/lab users.


The IT lab computers will have information relevant to the following social science fields: sociology, economics, public policy and demography.


Resources in the IT labs are available in Armenian, English and Russian languages. The E-resources that CRRC subscribes to are mainly in English (full e-journal texts such as EBSCO, JSTOR and etc.). The IT labs also receive materials (CD-ROMs and diskettes) from local non-governmental organizations or research centers that are available in local languages.


The resources available at the CRRC IT labs are only in electronic format.


The IT Managers/Librarians provide trainings for users in the following areas:

  • browsing the Internet;
  • tips on using search engines;
  • search of on-line databases (such as EBSCO, JSTOR and etc.);
  • use of statistical software packages (STATA, SPSS and others).

General assistance and services

The CRRC IT Managers/Librarians provide general assistance to the CRRC users; inform them of new materials and services; assist patrons in the selection of materials and in the use of information resources. The CRRC IT Managers/Librarians compile lists of useful sites with their short descriptions and share them with CRRC users and partner organizations.

Local research database

The CRRC IT labs offer a database of researches that have been conducted in the three South Caucasus countries in the areas of sociology, economics, demography and public policy. It will assist researchers to pursue original work and to develop their research on actual data.

General rules to use IT lab facilities

Equipments and facilities of the CRRC IT labs can be used for training sessions by professionals from the academic, non-governmental, private and public sector.

Internet use: All computers in the IT lab are connected to the Internet with high speed. Loitering or browsing of inappropriate or unrelated sites and computer games are not permitted in the CRRC IT labs. Installing additional software and using Messenger, ICQ or similar programs is not allowed.

Meanwhile, there are no limitations for downloading professional sources. Each user can download as much as s/he needs, except very large files that may affect the connection speed, hence, impede others’ work.

Local network: The local network enables users to share their documents, to print via network and transfer files if needed. Permanent researchers have individual and secured folders on the server to save their files and documents.

Backup: Every month CRRC will backup all information on its server including staff members’ files and folders, researchers’ documents, system settings and other important information.

Printing: CRRC-Armenia’s IT lab provides printing services for all users. However, all print outs must be relevant to research and should not exceed the limit established for different categories of users. Pictures and graphics are not permissible for print.

Scanning: The CRRC IT lab provides scanning services to beneficiaries for their research.

CD-Writing: The IT lab has a CD-Writer, but only registered users can make copies of their files on the disc. The average load of copying of users’ files is about 3-4 discs per week. From time to time copies of users’ folders are made as requested.

Food, beverages and smoking are forbidden in all CRRC premises.

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