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Armenian Trends

The Armenian Trend, published in Armenian and English by the Armenian-European Policy and Legal Advice Center (AEPLAC), covers vital and urgent economic and business topics in Armenia, makes independent analysis of important business and economy related developments, penetrates into "taboo" areas known by all but not spoken about, provides up-to-date and accurate business information, undertakes polls and surveys and presents first-hand opinions of the business community and other interested parties. The magazine is distributed both internationally and in Armenia.

In English 

American Journal of Sociology

The American Journal of Sociology was established in 1895 as the first U.S. scholarly journal in its field. AJS remains a leading voice for analysis and research in the social sciences, presenting work on the theory, methods, practice, and history of sociology. AJS also seeks the application of perspectives from other social sciences and publishes papers by psychologists, anthropologists, statisticians, economists, educators, historians, and political scientists. 

American Sociological Review

The official flagship journal of the ASA, ASR publishes works of interest to the discipline in general, new theoretical developments, results of research that advance our understanding of fundamental social processes, and important methodological innovations. All areas of sociology are welcome. Emphasis is on exceptional quality and general interest. Published bi-monthly in February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Contemporary Sociology

Contemporary Sociology publishes reviews and critical discussions of recent works in sociology and in related disciplines which merit the attention of sociologists. Since not all sociological publications can be reviewed, a selection is made to reflect important trends and issues in the field. Please note that CS does not accept unsolicited reviews.


Demography is the official journal of the Population Association of America. It is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed periodical that publishes articles of general interest to population scientists. Fields represented in its contents include geography, history, biology, statistics, business, epidemiology, and public health, in addition to social scientific disciplines such as sociology, economics, psychology, and political science. Published quarterly, it includes theoretical and methodological articles, commentaries, and specialized research papers covering both developed and developing nations.

Economic Policy and Poverty

Economic Policy and Poverty periodical (EPP) is published by the Economic Development and Research Center under contract to the USAID/Armenia Tax, Fiscal, and Customs Reform Project, implemented by BearingPoint, Inc. First issue of EPP was released on May 2003. The journal is designed to be an independent source of information and analysis about the issues most important in Armenia’s economy today, in particular challenges of poverty reduction. The goal of EPP is to contribute to the ongoing process of analysis and debate of economic issues and also to make these analyses and debates accessible to a broad audience of civil servants and civil society members. 

European Economic Review

The European Economic Review (EER) started publishing in 1969 as the first research journal specifically aiming to contribute to the development and application of economics as a science in Europe. As a result of its early entrance in the market, the EER soon established itself as an important outlet for European authors to publish their research. As a broad-based professional and international journal, the EER, welcomes submissions of applied and theoretical research papers in all fields of economics. The aim of the EER is to contribute to the development of the science of economics and its applications, as well as to improve communication between academic researchers, teachers and policy makers across the European continent and beyond.

Games and Economic Behavior

Games and Economic Behavior facilitates cross-fertilization between theories and applications of game theoretic reasoning. It consistently attracts the best quality and most creative papers in interdisciplinary studies within the social, biological, and mathematical sciences. Most readers recognize it as the leading journal in game theory. Research areas include Game theory, Economics, Political science and others.

International Migration Review

The International Migration Review is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal on sociodemographic, economic, historical, political and legislative aspects of human migration and refugee movements. Each issue of IMR presents original articles, research and documentation notes, reports on key legislative developments - both national and international, an extensive bibliography and abstracting service, the International Sociological Association's International Newsletter on Migration, plus a scholarly review of new books in the field. IMR also offers annual special issues to provide an extensive and comprehensive analysis of a single topic of emerging relevance in migration studies. 

Journal of Democracy

Since its inception in 1990, the Journal of Democracy has become an influential international forum for scholarly analysis and competing democratic viewpoints. Its articles have been cited in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and widely reprinted in many languages. Focusing exclusively on democracy, the Journal monitors and analyzes democratic regimes and movements in scores of countries around the world. Each issue features a unique blend of scholarly analysis, reports from democratic activists, updates on news and elections, and reviews of important recent books.

The Journal of Political Economy

The Journal of Political Economy has published significant research and scholarship in economic theory and practice since 1892. Presenting analytical, interpretive, and empirical studies, this journal presents work in traditional areas--monetary theory, fiscal policy, labor economics, planning and development, micro- and macroeconomic theory, international trade and finance, industrial organization--as well as in such interdisciplinary fields as the history of economic thought and social economics. The electronic version of The Journal of Political Economy (August 2000 - Present) contains elements not found in the print version. Authorized users may be able to access the full text articles at this site.

Politics and Society

In the pages of Politics & Society, you will find theoretical articles, philosophical reflections, and empirical research reflecting a wide range of disciplines including: political science · sociology · economics · history · anthropology · philosophy · law · geography · public policy.

Population and Development Review

Founded in 1975, Population and Development Review seeks to advance knowledge of the interrelationships between population and socioeconomic development and provides a forum for discussion of related issues of public policy. Combining readability with scholarship, the journal draws on high-level social science expertise--in economics, anthropology, sociology, and political science--to offer challenging ideas, provocative analysis, and critical insights. Each issue includes a lively collection of book reviews and an archives section that brings to light historical writings with a resonance for contemporary population debate.

Population Studies

Reports significant advances in methods of demographic analysis, conceptual and mathematical theories of demographic dynamics and behaviour, and the use of these theories and methods to extend scientific knowledge and to inform policy and practice.

Sociological Theory

Publishes papers in all areas of sociological theory: new substantive theories, history of theory, metatheory, formal theory construction, and syntheses of existing bodies of theory.

The Review of Economic Studies

The Review of Economic Studies was founded in 1933 by a group of young British and American Economists. It is published quarterly by The Review of Economic Studies Ltd, whose object is to encourage research in theoretical and applied economics, especially by young economists, and to publish the results in the Journal. The Review of Economic Studies is essential reading for economists. It is one of the core economics journals, consistently ranking among the top five titles.

Review of Social Economy

For over sixty years the Review of Social Economy has published high quality peer-reviewed papers on the many relationships between social values and economics. Among the subjects addressed are income distribution, justice and equity, poverty, cooperation, human dignity, labour, workplace organization, gender, need, the environment, economic institutions, economics methodology and class. Papers published are both empirical and conceptual. The final issue of each volume is guest edited, and devoted to a special theme or individual in social economics. The journal also includes short papers and comments, book reviews and review essays, and announcements of future meetings.

The Quarterly Journal of Economics

The Quarterly Journal of Economics is the oldest professional journal of economics in the English language. Edited at Harvard University's Department of Economics, it covers all aspects of the field—from the journal's traditional emphasis on microtheory, to both empirical and theoretical macroeconomics.

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