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CRRC’s Moodle platform

Moodle's creators describe it as “an Open Source software package designed using sound pedagogical principals, to help educators create effective online learning communities.” Universities, professors and institutions throughout the world use Moodle as a tool for teaching and training.

To increase it reach, promote new technologies and further develop South Caucasus research communities, in 2007 CRRC joined the list of over 200,000 Moodle users. CRRC now uses Moodle as an innovative method to support and facilitate its trainings. The resources from the previous trainings are publicly available. Follow the steps to register for free and access these resources. 

Here is what some of the CRRC Fellows had to say about the fellowship application process through Moodle.

  • “I browsed through the presented materials and what I really liked is the logistical sequences and the very cozy framework. Good Job!” - PublicHealthResearcher0578
  • “Many thanks to CRRC for this interesting opportunity for young researchers to develop and improve their skills and knowledge.” - Sociologist0817
  • “Excellent and unique. And I am sure that every one of us learns from this preparation process as well. Thank you CRRC for such a good initiative!” - Economist0531.
  • "Thank you very much for this online platform. It's very user-friendly. Thanks!" - Sociologist0514

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