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Elite Dispositions Towards Equality And Policy In Armenia And Georgia

Project Title:           Elite dispositions towards equality and policy in Armenia and Georgia
Country:                  Armenia and Georgia 
Funder:                   Uppsala University
Dates:                      October 2016 - March 2018

Project Description
CRRC-Armenia and CRRC-Georgia in cooperation with the University of Uppsala will carry out the elite survey in Armenia and Georgia to study their attitudes on societal issues. The survey covers a wide range of topics related to social justice, egalitarianism and policy in the countries. The survey will be carried out twice, first in January and February of 2017 and second in January and February of 2019. In 2019, the CRRC- Georgia, and CRRC-Armenia will submit datasets for both countries and prepare a report comparing findings of two waves of the survey. 


For this survey, “elite” is defined as influential people, who have access to participate in influential decisions or regulatory changes, representing economic, cultural, political, and media sectors in Armenia and Georgia. For each wave of the survey 200 interviews per country will be conducted. We expect to identify influential individuals using the snowball sampling approach, where focal points of initial contact are individuals who occupy key official positions in each sector.


  • Questionnaire
  • An analytical report
  • The database in SPSS

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