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Performance Evaluation of the Territorial and Administrative Reform of Armenia

Project Title:       Performance Evaluation of the Territorial and Administrative Reform of Armenia
Country:              Armenia 
Funder:               USAID Armenia
Dates:                  February 2017 – September 2017

Project Description
The given baseline survey (and the end line one to be carried out in 2020) will allow for before and after comparisons of use to stakeholders in tracking changes in access to services, quality of services, citizen perception of local governance, and citizen participation in the local governance. It will also measure the economic benefits materialized due to the interventions.
The survey, in particular, will help evaluate and monitor the USAID local governance interventions as well and inform the broader donor community on the reform outcomes.

The specific objectives of the evaluation are twofold: on the perceptional dimension: to measure 1) citizen knowledge and attitude towards implemented reforms, 2) level of trust towards the local government and 3) practice of participatory mechanisms in decision-making through conducting a representative household survey in the clusters assigned. On the physical dimension: to measure the actual changes in service provision, infrastructure development, and economic benefits via such methods as physical verification of infrastructure, meetings with community leaders and local businesses, and tracing data from municipal and program-based records.


The overall survey design is non-experimental pre- and post-test that mirrors the performance of the Government of Armenia’s Territorial and Administrative Reform of Armenia program impact. An inclusive population-based sample survey is to be conducted for the quantitative evaluation. The quantitative survey will be supplemented with qualitative data collection tools, such as desk study, expert, and key informant interviews and focus group discussions. 


Summary Report in Armenian  
 Final Evaluation Report  
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