Armen Asatryan

Armen Asatryan

Senior Fellow

2006 Fellowship Program fellows

Migration in the South Caucasus Republics | Report | Recommendations

Armen Asatryan will conduct a comparative analysis of socio-economic conditions and migration flows in the South Caucasus (SC) based largely on data gathered under the CRRC Data Initiative. The main topics of this cross-border research will be the employment of migrants abroad, main countries of emigration from SC, and the correlation between residential status and average income. The research will consist of capital-capital, rural-rural, and capital-rural comparisons of each country. The overall objective of the research is to consider positive and negative effects of migration and its net effect on the regional economy. The findings of the research project may be used for the parliamentarians of the SC countries in designing policies responding to migration and developing foreign relations with other countries. For instance, the project might help Armenian officials negotiating bilateral and multilateral agreements between Armenia and receiving countries, so as to regulate the migrants’ status and the protection of their rights.

The fellow will produce an analytical report of the results, a recommendations paper for policy practitioners, and two articles for local magazines and submission to international research journals. Also, a presentation of the major findings will be made at CRRC-Armenia.

Mr. Armen Asatryan holds Ph.D in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M University. He has extensive experience in conducting research in related fields of social studies.