Artak Dabaghyan

Artak Dabaghyan

Senior Fellow

2006 Fellowship Program fellows

Economy, Trade and Ethnicity in Borderlands: Ethnographical Survey in Tavush Region of Armenia | Comment | Articles (En) | Book (Armenian)

Artak Dabaghyan will conduct an ethnographical survey in the Tavush region of Armenia . The survey aims to explain how trade on the Armenian-Georgian-Azerbaijani border affects peoples’ ethnic stereotypes and political attitudes. The study will include focus groups and interviews with community members, traders, local administration and NGO representatives, as well as on-site ethnographical observations. In addition, Dabaghyan intends to analyze statistical data to reveal the economic and demographic trends in the region, which is an important spot of emerging economic interdependence (especially around the Sadakhlo-Bagratashen marketplace) in a war-devastated area.

Dabaghyan’s study will offer important insights into how the dynamics of trade shape inter-ethnic relationships. These insights can provide clues for researchers, policymakers and NGOs alike to design programs that promote inter-ethnic trust in environments of post-conflict reconstruction in border regions across the South Caucasus .

Artak Dabagyan holds a PhD in History from Yerevan State University , where he currently teaches ethnic conflictology. He is also a Research Associate at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of RA National Academy of Sciences with a strong background in ethnographical studies. Dabaghyan has over ten publications in the spheres of ethnography and history, and his qualifications are sufficient for the implementation of the proposed research project.