Artyom Mkrtchyan

Artyom Mkrtchyan

Senior Fellow

2012/2013 Fellowship Program fellows

The Nagorno Karabakh Conflict: War Rhetoric of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia

The subject of the research is the unresolved
conflict over Nagorno Karabakh and the official rhetoric about the possibility
of a new war. Within the theoretical framework of constructivism and by using
content analysis, the author discusses the Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents’
visions regarding the conflict, as expressed in their public statements,
specifically the dynamics, character, geography and intensity of their war
rhetoric. Through the findings presented in this paper, the author reveals conceptualized
elements of bias speech, stereotypes, cases of hate speech and offensive
language, as well as references to war from 2009 to 2011. The project pegs the
tone of each speaker to general public opinion relating to the war over Nagorno
Karabakh from its inception to the present. 

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