Aubrey Hamilton

Aubrey Hamilton

International Fellow


Aubrey Hamilton holds an MA in International Conflict & Security with Human Rights Law from University of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies. She completed her BA studies at Wesleyan University, double-majoring in Sociology and Government with a concentration in International Relations.

Prior to joining CRRC-Armenia, Aubrey worked with CSOs, think tanks, and NGOs in Belgium, Germany, Kosovo, and the United States. Her research and policy interests include transatlantic security and development cooperation, conflict resolution and transformation, post-conflict development and democratic institution building.

As an International Fellow with CRRC-Armenia, Aubrey focuses on the escalation and mediation of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, looking specifically at the impacts of ethno-nationalism and militarization on the Minsk process. Upon completing her fellowship in Yerevan, Aubrey will resume her post as a Security and Defense Programming Officer with Young Professionals in Foreign Policy in Brussels.