Francesco Trupia

Francesco Trupia

International Fellow


Francesco Trupia holds a BA in Political Science and IR at the University of Catania. He is currently pursuing his MA in Philosophy with a focus on intercultural relations at Sofia University. He currently is Adjunct Fellow at OPI-Bloglobal and Eastern Europe Analyst at Alpha Institute.

During his BA studies he served at Courthouse of Agrigento investigating the phenomenon of migration after Arabic Spring revolutionary wave. For over three years, he has been studying and working in the field of human rights and minority issues, acting as volunteer in based Ngos in Bulgaria. He interned the Italian journal Eurasia, and His research at CRRC-Armenia focuses the Armenian minorities and their integration and recognition in the region of Caucasus.

His interdisciplinary approach concerns the sphere of politics, anthropology and history. In addition to his native Italian, he speaks English as well as basic French, Arabic and Bulgarian.