Hasmik Hovhanesian

Hasmik Hovhanesian

Senior Fellow

2007 Fellowship Program fellows

The Impact of Dual Citizenship on Poverty Reduction in Armenia

Hasmik Hovhanesian will study the impact of dual citizenship, a right bestowed by the Armenian Parliament in 2007 to the Armenian Diaspora, on poverty reduction in Armenia. Examining the experience of other countries with dual citizenship rights, and conducting a quantitative survey among representatives of the Armenian Diaspora, government officials, and ordinary citizens, Hovhanesian will design a model of infrastructure to promote greater involvement of the Armenian Diaspora in poverty reduction (through promoting exports, investments, boosting local production and job creation.), which will be made possible via dual citizenship practices. The results of the study should interest the Armenian Development Agency, which is responsible for investment generation and export promotion. In addition to submitting to a peer-reviewed journal, the outcomes of this research will be disseminated to the Government of Armenia, as well as to other domestic, bilateral and international organizations that work closely with the Armenian Diaspora and/or are responsible for poverty reduction in the country.

Email: hasmik_hovhan@yahoo.com