Mr. Mihran Galstyan

Mr. Mihran Galstyan

Senior Fellow

2005 Fellowship Program fellows and their research topics

Labor Migration Trends in Rural Armenia | Codes | Database | Questionnaire | Article 1 | Article 2

The purpose of Mihran Galstyan ‘s research is to help reveal the labor migration factors of rural populations in Armenia . The fellow proposes to reach this purpose by studying the causes and effects of labor migration in rural areas. The fellow will also study labor migration movements, as well as risks related to human trafficking. The fellow will conduct this research by using both qualitative and quantitative methods, such as structured and expert interviewing and content analysis. The fellow will produce a final report on research results, a recommendations paper for policy makers, and two articles to be published in various journals and magazines. These products will be disseminated to the members of the research community, policy-makers and all interested audience.

Mr. Mihran Galstyan is highly qualified in the field of research/analysis. He has published 3 monographs and over 30 articles and papers.