Ms. Diana Ter-Stepanyan

Ms. Diana Ter-Stepanyan

Senior Fellow

2005 Fellowship Program fellows and their research topics

Civic Education in High Schools of Armenia | SPSS Databases | Questionnaire | Recommendations

The purpose of Diana Ter-Stepanyan’s research is to help increase the quality of civic education, particularly in the areas of law and social studies in high schools of Armenia . The researcher will utilize both quantitative and qualitative research methods to analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of specific social science courses currently offered at Armenian secondary schools, such as ‘Human Rights’, ‘Civil Society’ and ‘State and Law’. Based on the research results, a final report and a set of recommendations will be developed and distributed amongst key stakeholders, such as principals of all the Armenian secondary schools, members of the network of the law and social studies teachers, appropriate governmental agencies, other local and international organizations interested in educational issues. Also, the researcher will elaborate a methodological instrument that can be used to assess the effectiveness of specific social science courses at secondary school.

Ms. Diana Ter-Stepanyan holds a MA in Sociology from Yerevan State University . She has several years of professional experience in the capacity of sociologist at different local organizations.