Access to Justice and Human Rights in Armenia

Access to Justice and Human Rights in Armenia

Date: 01-09-2017 - 31-07-2019
Status: Completed
Impact area: Human Rights Justice
Access to Justice and Human Rights in Armenia

Project Description

The objective of the project is to find out how the Armenian public understands its rights and its familiarity with, and perceptions of, state and non-state human rights mechanisms to defend its rights. The project aims at creating stronger linkages between the Human Rights Defender`s Office of the Republic of Armenia, Human Rights Organizations (HROs), youth and other stakeholders and supporting communications and public education strategies. 


Quantitative survey and qualitative interviewing methods have been used for the implementation of the research project. Within the framework of the project, the Access to Justice Assessment Tool is used, which is structured to focus on six essential elements of access to justice: Legal Framework, Legal Knowledge, Advice and Representation, Access to a Justice Institution, Fair Procedure, and Enforceable Solution.


Qualitative and quantitative instruments
Database in SPSS
Assessment reports

Outputs 2019