Armenia Integrity Project: Public Perception of Corruption

Armenia Integrity Project: Public Perception of Corruption

Date: 21-08-2021 - 15-03-2026
Status: Ongoing
Funder: USAID
Impact area: Corruption
Armenia Integrity Project: Public Perception of Corruption

The purpose of the Armenia Integrity Project is to reduce opportunities for corruption and reinforce public demand for improved governance and accountability in Armenia by strengthening corruption prevention institutions and integrity systems, supporting the implementation of specific legal-regulatory measures for corruption prevention, and facilitating a collective action approach to hold local entities engaged in corruption prevention mutually accountable.


To conduct systematic measurements related to AIP implementation:

  • Establish baseline values for indicators of project objectives and track the progress towards key indicators over time.
  • Gather and analyze information (public needs and interests, differential effects of corruption on population, etc.) that will assist AIP/CPC/MOJ staff in designing and/or modifying appropriate interventions in the sphere of corruption.
  • Contribute to project learning and informed decision making.

CRRC Activities:

  • Carry out 45 Focus Group sessions in Armenia.
  • Carry out 45 Key Informant Interviews in Armenia.
  • Conduct 3 countrywide representative surveys (baseline, midline, end line using the same methodology) among around 1500 respondents, including but not limited to development of survey design/methodology, data collection tools (in consultation and agreement with relevant stakeholders), data management and analysis plan (including calculation of AIP outcome indicators), baseline, midline, and end line reports with proper quality control measures.