Civic Engagement in Local Governance (CELoG)

Civic Engagement in Local Governance (CELoG)

Date: 01-10-2014 - 01-09-2019
Status: Completed
Funder: USAID
Impact area: Civic Engagement Local Governance
Civic Engagement in Local Governance (CELoG)

Project Objectives

The Civic Engagement in Local Governance (CELoG) Program is a USAID funded five-year activity, aimed at increasing civic engagement in decentralization and local self-government reform. It provides citizens with reliable information and strengthens civil society’s capacity to promote effective, accountable and participatory local governance.

The Program is implemented by a Consortium of local organizations led by the Communities Finance Officers Association (CFOA) in cooperation with the partner organizations: ISTDC, YPC, AJC, EPF, and CRRC-Armenia.

CRRC-Armenia contributes to the program by providing evidence-based methodological and practical support. To meet that end, CRRC-Armenia has undertaken a countrywide household survey of civic engagement – the CELoG Index, aimed at exploring the current situation  and identifying ways of improving the civic engagement in local self-governance in Armenia by understanding and measuring it.

Research Design

CELoG Index implements a standardized questionnaire based on aggregate set of indicators for a quantitative assessment of the civic engagement in local self-government. It is developed in partnership with other members of the CELoG Consortium, implementing a methodology produced by the CRRC-Armenia.In the frames of that process, a countrywide survey covering  1,500 respondents is implemented by CRRC-Armenia and the results are widely disseminated.