COVID-19 Online Survey

COVID-19 Online Survey

Date: 01-03-2020 - 01-04-2020
Status: Completed
Funder: CRRC-Armenia
Impact area: COVID-19 Healthcare Public Policy
COVID-19 Online Survey

About the project

This study has been conducted voluntarily by the Caucasus Research Resource Center-Armenia Foundation aimed at supporting the RA Government efforts in preventing the spread of novel coronavirus in Armenia.


This report summarizes the results of the study “Assessing the level of awareness about and the impact of the
novel coronavirus in Armenia.”

The data was collected online within the time period between March 29th and April 8th 2020 among the residents of Republic of Armenia(RA). The survey was disseminated via Facebook ads.

The graphs and charts presented in this report were created based on the data gathered by April 8th, 2020 7:41 p.m., Yerevan time. Total number of participants was 8473, 46 of which were removed from the database due to being technically invalid. Therefore, the report is based on the responses of 8427 participants. The results cannot be extended to represent the whole population of Armenia or those residents of Armenia using accounts on Facebook.