Armine Mkhitaryan

Armine Mkhitaryan

Senior Fellow

2006 Fellowship Program fellows

Gender Indicators of Armenian Local Government Institutions (LGIs) /armenian/

Armine Mkhitaryan will research gender imbalance in local Armenian government institutions (LGs) by analyzing gender relations in the legislative field and by conducting surveys of affected communities. The study will focus on voter behavior, participation and opinions of women in LGs, societal expectations of LGs, changing gender dynamics in LGs elections, and relevant gender policies in the electoral code.

The intended outcome is to promote a gender balance in elections and enhance the competitiveness of women in LG elections. The fellow will conduct in-depth interviews and focus-group sessions and perform a statistical analysis of women’s involvement in LGs. The fellow will produce an analytical report on research results. A summary of the study will be disseminated in a bulletin. Also, policy recommendations will be prepared and disseminated to the members of the National Assembly, policy makers, and members of the research community.

Ms. Armine Mkhitaryan is the head of Youth Center for Gender Studies, NGO, also is a member of the Armenian Association of Women with University Education.
She has extensive experience in conducting research in adjacent fields of social studies.