Dr. Mkhitar Gabrielyan

Dr. Mkhitar Gabrielyan

Senior Fellow

2005 Fellowship Program fellows and their research topics

Armenian Families in Transition: Anthropological and Cultural Perspectives (full text paper)

The purpose of Mkhitar Gabrielyan ‘s research is to study the Armenian family during the transition period between 1991 until present from anthropological and cultural perspectives. The fellow proposes to reach this aim by studying the major cultural elements that exist or have changed in the Armenian family during this period in order to assess the level of which families have preserved their cultural traditions. The fellow will compare older and newer family generations and assess the difference of values in each of these. The fellow will conduct this research by using qualitative sociological methods such as focus groups, content analysis, in-depth interviews, and expert interviews. Based on research results, the fellow will produce a final report, a monograph and an analytical booklet. These products will be disseminated to members of the research community and to policy-makers.

Dr. Mkhitar Gabrielyan holds a Diploma in History and a PhD in Ethnography from Yerevan State University (YSU). For a period of three years, he was a professor in the department of Ethnology at YSU. He has 5 monographic works and nearly 20 scientific articles published.

E-mail: mkhitar2003@yahoo.com