Media Consumption Study 2017

Media Consumption Study 2017

Date: 01-11-2017 - 01-02-2008
Status: Completed
Funder: UNICEF
Impact area: Media
Media Consumption Study 2017

Project Description

The study is to elicit what patterns exist in media consumption in Armenia; what are the media (mass, social and new media) that the audience reaches the best or the most. Research purpose is to reveal preferences and levels of media consumption.


The proposed study has an explanatory sequential mixed methods research design as presented below:

  1. Exploration of previous research and findings,
  2. Quantitative research – HH survey with the target group,
  3. Qualitative research – analysis of qualitative aspects of media use, in-depth Interviews with the target group representatives,
  4. Interpretation of how qualitative data explains quantitative results and final analysis.


  • Inception Report
  • Field Report
  • Draft Report
  • Final Report
  • Research Tools